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Pre-tattoo Preparations

Thinking about a tattoo? Excellent!

We are happy to help guide you.

First of all, you will need to contact us or stop on in to schedule.

We do accept walk-ins when available. Hours are subject to change, feel free to call ahead.

Bring any reference photos/drawings you have and/or search for reference materials here at the shop where we can talk over a variety of design ideas and concepts as well as offer a rough estimation of time/cost. You can pay with cash or card via SquareReader at our shop.

Once you are feeling sure and excited about your new tattoo idea, we can go ahead and book a time. Use our handy CONTACT FORM to start the process!

Or call 412-343-7900

Shop Policy

PMA TATTOO is in the business of creating lasting artwork. The last thing we want to do is keep a deposit and not create art with you!

To make certain we are on the same page, and this does not occur,
please consider the following BEFORE paying your deposit:

  • Deposits are non-refundable, if you are uncertain about your tattoo concept feel free to research more and get back to us when you are ready. You are under no pressure to schedule today.


  • Shop minimum is $60. A tattoo appointment deposit is $60. Deposits are $200 when client wishes to reserve over a half day's worth of work. Sara Eve’s hourly rate is $200/hour.


  • Deposits are required to reserve a tattoo appointment and will be held until your final tattoo session for the design concept discussed and recorded during your consultation.


  • No Drawings or drafts are emailed or otherwise previewed to clients before their scheduled appointment time. Drawing check in appointments are available according to artist pre-existing schedule on larger, multi-session pieces by artist’s recommendation.


  • 48 hours notice is required for all rescheduled appointments in order for the deposit to be transferred to the newly adjusted time/day. If you change your appointment date, we cannot schedule you sooner than other clients on the cue.

  • Touch ups are offered according to the artist's pre-exsisting schedule and cannot be done until the client's tattoo has been fully healed. These touch ups are offered for free within a year of the final appointment date.

    If client no shows, or cancels without 48 hrs notice or exceeds a year from final tattoo date, touch ups will no longer be offered for free and will be done at the expense of the client.


  • Not showing for your appointment date results in loss of your deposit. If you are over 30 minutes late for your appointment, you will be considered a no show and your deposit is void.


  • You and the artist are allowed to reschedule twice before deposit is void. If artist reschedules twice, the deposit will be refunded to the client if they choose not to reschedule a third time. In the event of an appointment cancellation without rescheduling, deposit will be void.

Price estimates are based on the tattoo concepts established during today's consultation. Any changes to tattoo concepts throughout the design process may increase the cost of the final tattoo. We welcome your feedback in asking for line or design adjustments as we want you to love your tattoo. However, if the tattoo concept is changed from the concept established in the initial consultation, a additional deposit will be required.

Please understand, the deposit is meant to compensate the artist for the time needed to prepare the artwork on his/her own time before you arrive for your scheduled appointment.  Example of changing the tattoo concept would be adding or removing major elements to the tattoo's subject matter. If you continue to reschedule or change your concept over two times, 50% of the estimated price will be required as a deposit in order to continue.

Feel free to ask for clarification BEFORE signing if you have any questions.

By paying the deposit we all have agreed to these terms.

Tattoo Aftercare

1. Remove bandage after 2-4 hours. Do not re bandage unless instructed to .

(Always, wash and moisturize before and after wrapping.)

2. Do not remove bandage until you are able to properly wash your tattoo.

3. Wash last in the shower with unscented liquid soap. Use only clean hands to wash your tattoo, not wash cloths, etc.

4. Let tattoo air dry, then apply a moderate amount of unscented water-based body lotion.

5. Do not scratch or pick at tattoo. If your tattoo feels itchy, you may wash it then moisturize it to alleviate soreness.

6. Do not apply soap to your tattoo more than three times a day.

7. Do not submerge your tattoo, expose to direct sunlight, tan or soak your tattoo for the first three weeks.

9. After 4 weeks or less, your tattoo should be healed up.

Feel free to call PMA Tattoo with any aftercare questions.