New Logo and Other Announcements

A huge shout out to the folks over at JamxCreative ( for our brand new logo! We are so stoked to introduce it to you guys, and we figured the best way to show off our new design is on a new T-shirt!
You guys have been asking for more shirts, and of course we want to make all of you happy so we came up with this design. The shirt shown is ONE SHIRT which will have the logo on the back, and the front will be the small logo in the left upper chest area as pictured. 
These shirts will be $25 to be picked up in store, or $30 to be shipped anywhere in the USA. For PREORDERS, email us over at Please include your name, the number of shirt(s) you’d like to purchase as well as what sizes. Also let us know if you can pick it up, and if not, where we should mail your shirts to! We will send you an invoice for payment after receiving your email. If you’d rather see the shirt in person, we will have extra shirts in the shop for purchase as well.
Thank you for your ongoing support!

IMG_0350 2.jpg