Abby Rose, the Apprentice: an Update!

It’s been over a year, and our apprentice, Abby Rose, has made some serious progress! After learning the ins-and-outs of shop management, client correspondence, tattoo concepts, design, and history, the time has come for machine practice! Thanks to everyone who purchased the special-edition long-sleeved PMA Tattoo shirts with her design on the back, she now has her very own machine to practice with!

For the time being, she is practicing on fake skin pads (which are super weird, btw) and learning/practicing printing and placing stencils. So STAY TUNED for further announcements about her journey into tattooing! Things are getting pretty exciting over here - we’re having a hard time containing ourselves! If you want to get on her list of folks that want early apprentice tattoos, send her an email at :P

Check out some of the work she has been doing lately (Instagram: @abbyrosetattoo)! She's come a long way ^.^


IMG_0287 (1).jpg