Three Months of Donations ♡♡♡

Hello, there! 

Community activism is important for all of us here at PMA. We are so grateful for all the folks who are actively working to improve our collective existence on the level of the individual, the communal level, and the way in which both of those function in conjunction with our environment and all of its inhabitants. For this reason, we have decided to do a series of charitable donations over the next three months. We are still sorting out the details, but we're excited to share with you what we have so far! 

For the second week of March, we are partnering up with Planned Parenthood along with many other local businesses for the Power of the Purchase. Details are still forthcoming, so keep an eye out for an announcement coming up pretty soon! Here's a little more information about the event:

On April 16th, we will be doing $40 semicolon tattoos for Semicolon Project Day (100% of profits will be donated to this cause). We, along with folks all across the world, are thankful for founder Amy Bleuel's societal contributions, and remorseful for such a warm light to be extinguished. We look forward to working with this cause in her honor, and in honor of any and everyone who suffers from mental illness and suicidal thoughts. More information about this organization can be found here:

We will calling on you, our lovely PMA bb's, to help us decide what organization to donate to in the month of May! Stay tuned for how you can provide your own recommendations and cast a vote. We look forward to working together with you to help have a more positive impact on our community, our existence, our world. Thank you to all of you for being lovely, caring humans. Let's spread some PMA! ♡♡♡


PMA Tattoo