What a year!

Hello, loveliest of lovelies! Well, a new year has begun, and it has us here at PMA reflecting on this last one. 2017 was quite an eventful year for PMA Tattoo! So much has changed over the past 365 days, and we wanted to take a moment to share our appreciation with you all!

PMA welcomed in a new tattoo artist, Santana Woodring, who has since then worked with her clients to tattoo some really beautiful works of art! Sara Eve took on Abby Rose as an apprentice, who, under her tutelage, has progressed rather impressively (keep an eye out for when she begins tattooing this year!). Our hero, Sara Eve, has done so much amazing work this year - from tattooing to making designs and having collaborations with local businesses and organizations like Girls Rock PGH, Trash to Thrash, Bantha Tea Bar, Wigle Whiskey, and SO many more <3!

The shop itself underwent a pretty snazzy transformation - with our beautiful new floors, and our handmade storefront (thanks, Derrick!), PMA is looking pretty darn spiffy going into 2018! Oh, and let's not forget about the espresso machine, because... yeah. We love it. We can't wait to see what this year holds for us all, but if last year is any indication, then we can expect some really exciting things this year! Lastly, we wanted to give a big ole' thank you to YOU! Our beautiful clients, and friends. Thank you for your continued trust and support. You're what keep us going here at PMA, and we couldn't do it without you! Love y'all! <3<3<3

Pittsburgh Tattoo Photographer - Design Sponge - PMA-51.jpg