Guest Spot at King Cobra


The first shop I ever worked at was in State College, Pennsylvania. It was called Tattoo Marks Studio II located on Calder Way. It was the tattoo shop that my dad got his dragon tattoo from, the tattoo that first sparked my interest in tattooing. When I was seven, my dad got this tattoo from Timmy Tatts. I was immediately obsessed with the idea of drawing designs on my skin.



I drew on myself nearly everyday, no matter how much my parents urged me to stop. I drew designs on myself, my homework, my notes and my friends. Tattoos fascinated me. When I was old enough to get my first tattoo, I went back to Tattoo Marks and got tattooed my Timmy's brother, Lowercase j. My first tattoo was my first experience in a tattoo shop, the tattoo shop that I got my first desk position at eventually. I am very grateful to be able to return to this shop on guest spots. It still feels a bit surreal to reflect on those days at the front desk as I tattoo clients at Tattoo Marks, now known as King Cobra Tattoo.