Wigle Whiskey Bottle Release!

Our very own, Sara Eve Rivera has recently collaborated with Wigle Whiskey on this packaging design. Read more about the collaboration below.

Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest, and her bees, or “melissae,” present a spirit created by fermenting and distilling local fall honey before macerating in whole botanicals. As part of the Wigle Brewers Series, we then aged the resulting Landlocked Spiced spirit in a single 53-gallon barleywine beer barrel from East End Brewing Co. for two years and partnered with Sara Eve Rivera for label artwork and design inspiration. With a nose of honeysuckle, a sweet earthy wineyness, and notes of nutmeg, cloves, and honey on the tongue, Demeter is a unique addition to the Landlocked family.

The Demeter is a honey spirit made from a 100% Honey and infused with whole, organic botanicals--roasted orange peel, cocoa nibs, whole vanilla beans and cinnamon then aged in used barrels that previously aged barleywine beer and before that aged bourbon whiskey.