Utterly Grateful to Officially Welcome You to PMA!


So humbly honored and excited to be officially open! I look forward to many years of fond memories and experiences with PMA Tattoo.

I named the shop PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) as a reminder to myself to stay positive and to have the correct frame of mind. Life can really get tough and Keeping POSITIVE may not always easy to do. The shop's name is a reminder to strive for positivity while providing our best to our clients.


I want this shop to pour positivity into it's work.  I want this shop to be a safe place for free thinking and accepting minds to feel comfortable committing to something quite amazing, a permanent mark on their body.

We do not take this honor lightly. The honor to forever change another person's appearance, to mark a very specific time of their life. To be a part of a very specfic time of their life.

Look forward to meeting you!

-Sara Eve